A phone call that went down in 2016 between Kanye West and Taylor Swift in relation to lyrics West wanted to put on his album about Swift leaked in its entirety, and now West and his wife Kim Kardashian are facing backlash for allegedly not telling the whole story about the incident.

On West’s song “Famous,” he said rapped that he feels he and Taylor Swift still might have sex, a bar that Swift said she felt disrespected by. Kanye and Kim Kardashian then responded by leaking a part of a phone call where the rapper discussed the lyrics with Swift. Along with that, Kardashian called the country singer a “snake.” As a result, Swift ended up leaving social media for a long while.

However, it seems that wasn’t the full story, as another clip of the phone conversation between West and Swift has leaked. In the convo, West did tell Swift about some of his lyrics on the song, but did not tell her about the lines where he called her a b***h and also that he is responsible for her getting famous.

source: Metro.co.uk