Rapper Pras recently made an appearance in court for a child support payment. The rapper was looking to prove to a judge that he paid his ex-wife 20,000 dollars, which he previously failed to prove, ultimately resulting in him being temporarily locked up. However, the judge didn’t proceed with the case before pointing out what Pras was wearing—a full hazmat suit.

The judge reportedly said, “Let me just put on the record. The father came to court head-to-toe in full hazmat gear, full booties, full outfit with gloves, hood and a mask." After the court hearing, Pras took to IG and said: “I want to first thank NY family court for understanding my situation, but I want all the fake news and everyone to know I’m fully committed to taking care of my son and I Am not nor ever was a deadbeat dad." Along with that, he said, “I’m in my Chanel hazmat suit to assure the health safety of both me and people around the court."


source: Page Six