Dwyane Wade joined his wife Gabrielle Union and his daughter Zaya, who recently came out as trans, at the Truth Awards for Zaya's first red carpet award show since Dwyane made the announcement. 

Zaya and her parents were interviewed by "Where is the Buzz TV" while on the red carpet, and she was asked about finding her voice to speak her truth. Zaya explained that she felt like she was always destined for something, which she feels like she found once coming out as trans. Zaya added, "I just feel like people should be able to live their lives to the fullest. And, I think that means knowing who you are, truly, and being able to show other people who you are. That's just what it's all about.

After Dwyane Wade made the announcement about Zaya coming out, he faced backlash from celebrities, including Boosie, who begged Wade not to "cut your son's d*** off." Lord Jamar backed Boosie's statement during his recent VladTV interview and added that he would not be calling Zaya by her new chosen name or acknowledging her as a girl.