"When keeping it real pays off," is what Boosie said upon receiving a gift directly from the family of the infamous drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar. The piece of memorabilia was signed by Pablo's brother and former business partner Roberto. Clearly excited, Boosie took to Instagram to share his excitement in a series of videos. In his first post, Boosie described the gift: 

"Pablo's real fingerprints on the thing. His brother Roberto signing it. It's authentic, man. Pablo fingerprints before he died. The co-founder of the Medellin cartel sent me this. Medellin, n***a. To Boosie. I keep his name alive. I'm lit the whole day. Can't nobody tell me sh*t. I've sh*tted on the world."

His follow up video was a bit of chest-thumping as he said this gift was bigger than a Grammy, pointing out that no other rapper has been certified in such a way. "This b***h bigger than a Grammy, you know why? Because everybody got Grammys. But what motherf**king rapper got this, [...] It's a hood Grammy."  


Source: instagram.com