Indianapolis rapper T Ward, real name Troy Ward, was sentenced to 180 years in prison after being convicted of murder and robbery charges for a triple homicide in 2017. Ward's lyrics were used in court, which Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears claims directly tie him to the murder of 25-year-old Dominique Miller, 25-year-old Jordan Wright, and 19-year-old Justin Crowder. 

Ward is accused of planning to rob Justin Crowder along with four other accomplices. Ward and two others arrived at Crowder's home, knocked on his door, and once inside, Ward started shooting, killing Crowder, Miller, and Wright. Ward and the two other men grabbed a safe from inside the home and fled in a getaway car. 

Following the incident, Ward rapped over 2 Chainz's "I'm Different," "I creep up to the door silently and slow/I opened up that b*tch and now we clashing poles/Two shots to the body two shots to the dome/Finesse the f**king stash and then I took it home." 

The song also mentioned swimming trunks, which one of the victims was wearing when he was shot. Mears added, "This was not a random talk about some random incident. When you take all of those things together, that song is pretty consistent with the facts of the case. We pretty much broke it down, lyric by lyric."

Mears went on to state, "This isn’t the first time this has happened. We have won more murder cases than we ever have before because of cellphones and social media. Because people routinely brag about, whether it's in songs, whether it's in Instagram posts, whether it's on Facebook, about what they just did." 

Source: Indy Star