Cam’Ron recently made an appearance on DJ Superstar Jay’s Shade45 show and spoke about a time where he and Suge Knight almost clashed because Suge claimed Cam owed him money. The incident occurred outside of a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Cam spoke on the situation, saying “So [Suge] comes over, and he's like 'yo what's up.' I'm like what's up bruh. He like 'I'm good but you owe me some money. You used that 2Pac beat on your album, that's my beat.' I'm like 'Daz came to the studio and played it over. Shout out Daz Dillinger.' Suge was like 'Daz ain't got no say-so. That's my beat. You owe me money.'"

Cam continued on saying “I was like, I ain't giving you no bread, what's popping? He's like 'well, I'll tell you now, I fucked n***as up for not giving me money.' So now my man's starting to flinch. I'm like 'yo, I fuck n***as up too. What we doin? What's poppin'? He was like, 'you know what, it ain't even a big deal. It's all good.'" Cam noted he wasn’t intimidated by Suge and had no issues with his odds because he felt it was a street situation. Watch above.