Update 12/02/2019 4:14pm:

The woman who allegedly stabbed Terrelle Pryor after a fight they reportedly had in their Pittsburgh apartment was arrested and charged with attempted homicide. Now, the woman’s mugshot has surfaced and features her smiling.

24-year-old Shalaya Briston reportedly got into a fight with Pryor after he was waiting for her to get home after she went out to the club with her friends. Police noted that they saw a bruise on the woman’s arm after she was arrested. After the fight led to Briston stabbing Pryor, she and her friends reportedly drove Pryor to the hospital, where he immediately went into emergency surgery.

Terrelle Pryor was charged with assault and Briston was charged with aggravated assault and attempted homicide.

source: TMZ

Original 11/30/2019 11:52am:

According to reports, former Jacksonville Jaguars' wide receiver is in critical condition after allegedly being stabbed in his apartment.

Pryor was allegedly in his crib when the situation escalated, and police have taken a woman in custody who is reportedly connected to the stabbing. A witness on the scene said a friend of Pryor took him to the hospital, and an update was given by Adam Schefter who said: “Former NFL WR Terrelle Pryor underwent surgery this morning and is in critical condition after being stabbed last night at his Pittsburgh apartment in the shoulder and chest.”

Stay tuned for more details on this situation.

source: TMZ