Update 09/24/2019 9:34am:

DJ Drama's girlfriend, who goes by @debakii on Instagram, shared an update on injuries she claims he caused while they were on vacation. She shared several new videos to her Instagram Stories, where she revealed that she got medical attention for the marks on her hand that she says are "deep" bite marks from DJ Drama. The woman added that she was given antibiotics to stop an infection from forming, and she also shared a photo of her bandaged hand. 

Original 09/23/2019 3:13pm:

DJ Drama's girlfriend uploaded several videos to her Instagram Stories where she claimed that the famed record exec assaulted and bit her during their vacation. The girlfriend, who goes by @debakii on Instagram, told viewers that it wasn't the first time DJ Drama assaulted her and she added that it also wouldn't be the last time. She then shared a look at her hand, which appeared to have a bloody bite mark. She also panned the camera to DJ Drama and branded him a "woman beater." 

DJ Drama has yet to respond to the allegations.