DJ Akademiks took to Twitch on Monday (September 9), where he shared alleged DMs from Nicki Minaj. The messages started with Nicki asking Akademiks when he was going to be in NYC, and he responded by telling her that he would be there soon. The person messaging from Nicki's account then followed up by telling Akademiks that no one would be able to stop him from getting his jaw broken. 

Akademiks stated in the video, "Let me show you who Nicki really is. I just want to show who these motherf*ckers are 'cause this is who they are," declared Akademiks. He then read one of the messages, "This is Nicki, 'You been mad since I made a joke about you with Joe [Budden] on my show. The people you rep won't be able to stop your jaw from getting broken. I know too much about your family for you to be playing with me, you hoe ass rat.'"