Update 08/28/2019 8:26pm:

Comedian Paul Mooney has had his name thrust back into the mainstream conversation after allegations of his sexual relationship with Richard Pryor Jr. went viral. As a result of the negative press, Mooney has decided to cancel his upcoming comedy show where he was to MC a night that featured a long line of comedians. A sign outside the ATL Comedy Theater read: 

"ATTENTION!! Paul Mooney is NOT on show tonight due to health reasons. We will transfer purchase to Faizon Love or Donnell Rawlings. Let box office know."

Update 08/27/2019 8:27pm:

Richard Pryor Jr. has apparently confirmed the reports of his encounter with Paul Mooney but his statement seems to suggest that their relations weren't entirely consensual. He told TMZ, "Whatever happened in my life, it happened when I was young. Way before the '80s." When asked whether the relationship was consensual, Pryor Jr. replied: "How can any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager?"

Update 08/26/2019 10:50pm:

Richard Pryor's ex-bodyguard Rashon Kahn has the internet buzzing after an interview where he stated Paul Mooney slept with Pryor's son, Richard Jr. Since the story circulated, Mooney has shot down the accusations. Cassandra Williams, Mooney's publicist told TMZ, "there is no validity to Rashon Kahn's statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney."

Richard Jr., 58, has yet to comment on the matter but his father's widow Jennifer Lee Pryor confirmed the allegation via Twitter. 

Original 08/26/2019 9:47pm:

Rashon Kahn, ex-bodyguard for comedic legend Richard Pryor, offered up some dark details into the falling out between Pryor and fellow comedian Paul Mooney. According to Kahn, the Pryor and Mooney split came as a result of Mooney's sexual relationship with Pryor's son, Richard Jr. back in the early 1980s. Kahn said in an interview that began circulating on Monday, "From Jo Jo Dancer [1986] on their relationship became fragile because Paul Mooney had f*cked Richard's son by that time," adding that Pryor felt 'violated' as a result. It is important to note, however, that the story was initially reported inaccurately by alluding to Mooney raping Pryor's son. But Richard Jr. was born in 1962 and had his alleged encounter with Mooney around 1986. 

"So from there on, whatever Paul Mooney was to Richard, and there was a time when Paul Mooney was Richard's friend (...) so when Paul did what he did it was a violation of friendship, first, and then my son," Kahn added. "And in some circles that's supposed to be dealt with."

Kahn also noted that Pryor was furious "to the extent that Richard didn't want [Mooney] on the planet anymore." As a result, the comic offered $1 million to whoever would do the dirty work and get rid of Paul Mooney. Ironically, Pryor's infamous burning incident occurred around the same time which diverted his attention to seeking revenge on Mooney and was devoted to rehabbing after suffering serious burns. 

Source: youtube.com