Update 08/26/2019 12:45pm:

Previously, clips of Jay Z surfaced during the meeting where it was announced that Roc Nation and the NFL would be partnering for social justice and entertainment initiatives. In the clips, Jay Z noted that he could pinpoint everything he's done to create change every day for those facing injustice. Now, Diddy has chimed in with his thoughts, saying Hov is playing "chess not checkers" with the NFL. 

Diddy said, "Hov is one of the greatest to ever do it, he has been there more than anybody from the hip hop culture, including me. He always has been so selfless and fights for other people. We as a people can not be divided and conquered at this time!! ⁣I’m so proud of @kaepernick7 and the attention he was able to bring and the efforts he continues to make. I’ll continue to support him in every way possible. ⁣ ⁣ I’m also proud of my brother JAY Z for showing how it should be done! It’s time to play chess not checkers, I believe he is going to do some incredible things." Read his full statement above. 

Original 08/24/2019 3:31pm:

Recently, a clip surfaced of Jay-Z responding awkwardly to Roger Goodell trying to touch him during a meeting where the NFL and Roc Nation were announcing plans to launch a social justice and entertainment initiative. Now, more clips from the meeting are coming out, and they find Jay-Z being very vocal about where he stands in all of the chaos.

Jay-Z recently faced backlash for his decision to connect with the NFL for the social justice initiatives, but in the newly surfaced clips, Hov spoke on his passion to right the wrongs of people locked up and facing injustice in America, and also acknowledged Colin Kaepernick and his efforts that he continues to push along with. Watch above.