Update 08/20/2019 2:46pm:

YFN Lucci and Young Thug rehashed their beef this week after Lucci trashed Young Thug's So Much Fun project. During a recent interview with Atlanta's V-103, Lucci was asked about the situation and he alluded to Young Thug's girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae, being at the center of the beef.

Lucci stated in the interview, "You know his girl, you know how she was about me." He later added that he "was in the bed with her a couple of times," which is sure to get a reaction from Young Thug. You can listen to the full clip above.  

Original 08/19/2019 9:40am:

Young Thug and YFN Lucci started beefing in the public eye back in 2017 after Lucci responded to Young Thug comparing himself to 2Pac, writing, "Pac would've never wore a dress." The two rappers reignited things earlier this year, which continued over the weekend after YFN Lucci trashed Young Thug's latest project, So Much Fun

Lucci wrote on his Instagram stories, "CAP A** ALBUM. Boy almost sh*tted on himself in Lenox," which is a jab at Young Thug's 2016 arrest over an active warrant at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.

Young Thug responded with a message that read, ""if ain like what u do for your mother and kids I WOULDVE BEEN KILLED U." The two continued their disses on Instagram, which you can check out in full above.