Amber Rose recently took to Instagram to give some insight on her life, noting that she cut a bunch of people off in her life, and that she will not be holding her annual ‘SlutWalk’ this year.

Rose listed why she cut 20 people from her life, saying “I’ve had friends steal jewelry and money from me, Sleep with my BF’s behind my back, Male friends lying and telling people we were sleeping together, Alcoholic drug addict friends, Abusive Friends, Toxic Personality friends and I even had a Friend call Social Services on me twice ( For no f**king reason) only to Sue me for calling her and Cursing her out (When I found out it was her) smh.”

She ended her explanation by saying “no toxicity will be tolerated over here only Positive vibes. F**k fake friends and their weirdo s**t. I’d rather just have my family and my team. P.S This is also why I’m not having my Slutwalk this year.... Sorry I just have to protect my energy and peace.” Read the full statement above.