Lil Kim took to Instagram to reveal that her team made the decision to cancel her recent press run because of "messy" reporters. 

Kim explained, "One of the reasons it’s not happening is because two of the major outlets wanted to be messy. My publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down. At this point, it’s about me. I’m that b*tch, nothing else. I refuse to f*cking keep doing all of these interviews, publications, and all of that sh*t if motherf*ckers is not gonna respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now."

She added, "Put some f***ing respect on my name, period. … I’ve been trying my best to do whatever it takes to make my fans happy. … If y’all don’t see me doing press it’s cause I’m fighting. … These motherf***ers trying to use me for my iconic status for a moment … It be big s*** going down when I decline something or I say I’m not doing something." 

Kim was scheduled to appear on Today, Access Hollywood, and Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live. She decided to ditch the appearances because of reasons involving an incident with Andy Cohen, of which Kim didn't elaborate.