Kanye West was recently profiled by Forbes Magazine for their cover story as they peer deeper into the ever-expanding Yeezy empire. What Forbes' Zach O'Malley Greenberg reported was: "His Yeezy shoe line, which he launched with Nike in 2009 and then brought to Adidas in 2013, has the 34-year-old Jordan empire in its sights, in terms of both cultural clout and commercial prowess. The Jordan line does approximately $3 billion in annual sales; West’s upstart is expected to top $1.5 billion in 2019 and growing." 

Ye said Yeezy would jump over Jumpman and though he has yet to eclipse the iconic brand in annual sales, the $1.5 billion is nothing to sneeze at. He told O'Malley Greenberg “'We’ve yet to see all of the beauty that would be manifested through this partnership,' West says. 'We’ve only experienced a small glimmer of light.'”

As part of the profile, Kanye also displayed hundreds of Adidas Yeezy samples and prototypes which Yeezy Mafia labeled on IG.

Source: instagram.com