When Google didn't create a Google Doodle to celebrate Juneteenth, artist Davian Chester decided to sketch an image that he thought was fitting.

The 26-year-old spoke about the artwork with "Because of Them We Can," explaining, "I feel it's very important for us to know as much as we can about our ancestors. So I feel Juneteenth is already something that isn't being spread across as much as it should be. I was planning on making an art piece for it anyway, but I noticed Google did not do anything at all. And for a large company like that to create doodles for literally everything under the sun and have nothing at all today, I thought it was odd." 

Chester added, "I always wanted to create a Google Doodle anyway. So I took matters into my own hands." 

On Tuesday (June 25), Chester revealed that Google offered him a job in a since-deleted post, which was captured by Kollege Kidd.