As the drama behind the LaVar Ball and Molly Qerim controversy continues to unfold, Dez Bryant appears to be one of the first public figures to go on the record in defense of the controversial founder and CEO of the Big Baller Brand.

Following the news that Ball had been permanently banned from ESPN after his animated "switch gears' comment to Qerim on First Take, it seemed like most of the media agreed with the decision as the only support Ball appeared to get was with the general public. With that said, that's all changed since the former Dallas Cowboy decided to throw his own two cents into the mix, as he took to social media over the weekend to say that it's actually Qerim that owes an apology to Ball. 

"I'm late but I just seen the ESPN video of you and LaVar Ball," Dez wrote directly to Qerim on Twitter, "Just being real... You owe that man an apology straight up... I didn't even sense foul play from him... You dramatically overreacted... Mature women like Doris Burke need those jobs."

From there, Bryant elaborated on why he suggested that Qerim should be replaced by someone like Burke, adding that "I’m saying more women who know there stuff and smart enough to know every man don’t want them.. it’s a job... she’s out of line... I didn’t see nothing sexual about what he said."

Later on, the 3x All-Pro continued to debate fans who were certain that Ball's comment was sexual, adding that they're all reaching at nothing while [Qerim's] "mind is in the gutter."

Source: HotNewHipHop