Update 06/10/2019 11:51am:

The sports community at large was shocked to find out that David Ortiz had been shot in his own country of the Dominican Republic, where the baseball legend was reportedly shot in the back at point-blank range. It's been further reported that the bullet went through Ortiz's stomach and that treatment at a local hospital required surgery, though now Big Papi is currently "out of danger" and in stable condition. 

With that said, the damage to Ortiz is said to be extensive, as in a statement to ESPN his assistant, Leo Lopez, revealed that "Ortiz had to remove parts of the intestines and the colon and remove the gallbladder. His liver was damaged, too."  

Although the motive is still unknown as the prior burglary theory has been debunked, investigators say there are two suspects in the case, both of whom rode up to the scene on a motorcycle as they fired shots into the restaurant. 

From there, the two men tried to escape on foot after falling off of their motorcycle, which led to one suspect, Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, to be subdued by bystanders on the scene. Cell phone footage then captured Garcia being beaten on the street before the police arrived to take him into custody, while the second suspect was able to escape and is reportedly still at large. 

Source: TMZSports

Original 06/09/2019 10:35pm:

Former Red Sox Superstar David "Big Papi" Ortiz has been shot during an attempted burglary.  David's father, Leo Ortiz, revealed that his son was injured at the Santo Domingo amusement center in the Dominican Republic and was then rushed to the hospital.  No further information on David's condition is currently available.