Update 06/09/2019 11:23pm:

According to sources, Bushwick Bill has passed away after being in a medically induced coma.  Early this morning, Geto Boys members Willie D and Scarface reported that Bill had passed away, which was quickly disputed by Bushwick Bill's family.  Bill's daughter took to social media to announce that Bill was still alive but "fighting for his life".  Later today, Bill's organs began to shut down and he passed away.

Update 06/09/2019 12:20pm:

Despite previous reports that Bushwick Bill had passed away based on Scarface's "R.I.P. Bushwick Bill" post earlier this morning, TMZ is now reporting that the Geto Boys legend is in fact "still alive and fighting cancer."

Bill's publicist told TMZ that she confirmed with hospital staff that he's still alive and that his family is by his bedside, while noting that Scarface's post was attributed to misinformation that then caught on like wildfire. 

Source: TMZ

Original 06/09/2019 3:30pm:

It's officially a day of mourning in the hip-hop community, as it's just been announced that Bushwick Bill has passed away after recently being diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. 

The legendary member of the Geto Boys revealed last month that he had been diagnosed back in February and was currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatments, which led to the cancellation of their reunion tour later that month when Bushwick Bill wasn't well enough to perform.

Although at the moment further details haven't been made known, Scarface and Willie D took to IG this morning to announce his passing while letting it be known that "this is Geto Boys for life," as the surviving members look to honor and pay tribute to the one and only Bushwick Bill. 

Source: Instagram