NFL Dume, the rapper who 50 Cent brushed off for asking him to check out his Instagram page, responded to Fif on Thursday (June 6). This comes after 50 Cent told NFL Dume, "Your sh*t is not gonna work. You know why? Because you're stupid. The way you approaching me is wrong."

NFL Dume responded in his latest video by telling 50 Cent, "Yo 50, let me tell you something, man. I don't give a f*** how big you think you are...size don't mean sh*t. I'm from Irvington, New Jersey." He added that he just wanted 50 Cent to look at his Instagram page and he didn't think it was cause for Fif to act "gangster." In the video, NFL Dume also said that he should've snatched Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Nikki Nicole away from Fif.