50 Cent was only trying to enjoy his evening when he took "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" star Nikki Nicole out on movie date Wednesday (June 5) night, where he was approached by an aspiring artist who was desperate to get some advice for his career.

That led to a verbal confrontation that almost got physical when 50 refused to look at the man's Instagram page, which subsequently left him feeling disrespected enough to challenge 50 to a fight.

“You gonna hit me cause I’m telling you I got talent?” he can be heard saying “Is that how you feel? That’s f***** up. Look at my IG at least, that's some f*** s*** my n****” From there, a clearly irritated 50 noticed he was being filmed and said  "Are you crazy, though?" to which the man replied, "I am crazy about my talent."

"Your s*** is not gonna work," 50 said in return, "Cause you stupid, the way you are approaching it is wrong … There is nothing to play right now … There is nothing you can show me right now that is gonna help you.”

Eventually, the camera cuts off with the man later identified as NFL Dume asking for the Queens legend to school him and be his OG, while to his credit the Haitian artist has over 22,000 followers on IG and a new music video on YouTube released last month.

Source: TheBlast