Update 06/04/2019 7:51am:

According to reports, rapper EBE Bandz allegedly pulled a gun on a 16-year-old girl before he went missing. This new information adds to an already strange story. EBE Bandz apparently pulled a gun out on Anissa Hoagland after a dispute over the rapper's uncle looking at her girlfriend in a "sexual way." Soon after Hoagland confronted Bandz uncle, the rapper emerged from the apartment holding a 9mm pistol with an extended clip. 

The interesting twist is that Hoagland said Bandz apologized to her on Sunday after the ordeal with his uncle. However, the rapper was already reported missing by Sunday but Hoagland said she was sure it was him. “He stopped me a couple of times to say ‘I’m very, very sorry.’” She added that maybe he wasn't kidnapped but “maybe he just ran because the police are looking for him.”

Update 06/02/2019 4:51pm:

According to reports, police believe a dead body is allegedly in the trunk of a Dodge Challenger located at the home of Chicago rapper EBE Bandz. News of this comes after the rapper’s team reached out to VladTV to note the rapper’s mother had listed him as a missing person.

Police say they have searched everywhere around the car, but cannot legally search the car.

Update 05/31/2019 5:09pm:

After reports surfaced of Chicago rapper EBE Bandz going missing, his team officially reached out to VladTV to reveal that his mother is officially listing him as a missing person today (May 31). 

According to his manager, EBE Bandz, whose real name is William Andersen Pickering, was last seen on Sunday (May 26) morning. The 24-year-old rapper's car was found in his garage, but his manager added that his home was trashed and EBE Bandz hasn't been seen since.

More details to come.  

Original 05/29/2019 10:51pm:

Chicago rapper EBE Bandz has been listed as a missing person in Chicago.

The rapper's manager posted on EBE Bandz's Instagram page, writing, "This is Big C his manager. The last people I know he talked to talked to him Sunday in the early AM when he was driving home. His car was found in his Garage today and his house was trashed. #GMEBE#ebebandz #gmebebandz." 

More details to come.