Update 05/31/2019 8:28am:

For those looking to see footage of Iron Mike Tyson throw out a combination on the outspoken hip-hop manager Wack 100 will be disappointed to find out that the entire thing was a farce. According to multiple sources close to the situation, the entire thing was a PR move in order to drum up attention around Wack 100's appearance on Tyson's podcast. Those same sources say Wack 100 took the initiative to float the bogus fight story out there for the fans to consume. 

While there wasn't a fight, Wack 100 and Mike Tyson apparently had a thoughtful conversation, trading insight on various topics instead of trading blows as many hoped for. Tyson's producer Fred Frenchy hopped on IG to lament those itching to see the footage of the fight as he wrote: “Anyone who thinks that it’s a positive thing releasing footage of 2 black men over 40 fighting is totally insane. Y’all so quick to press play for these ignorant types of headlines but won’t promote the right things.”

Original 05/29/2019 10:21am:

Things got heated on the HotBoxin podcast this week, as it's been revealed that during the taping of a recent episode 'Iron' Mike Tyson put hands on Wack100 for his disrespectful 2Pac comments. 

Wack 100 revealed the news on IG when he posted a photo of himself along Tyson and co-host Eben Britton, taken prior to the taping which by his own words "got warm in the room" when the 'Baddest Man on the Planet' checked him for previous statements he made about his late friend Tupac Shakur.

In the caption of the photo, Game's controversial manager wrote "Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up s*** and Mike still quick with his hands! @edsbritton sorry you had to see what you saw but it’s what brothas do when we can’t solve the problem with reason !! #West👆🏾#Igottaheadache#TysonRanch," in addition to posting a video of pain medicine thus insinuating that Tyson has another W on his record.

Meanwhile, a supposed phone call between Wack100 and Reggie Wright Jr. has been released that finds Wack explaining the situation further, wherein the phone call he reiterates that he wasn't sure what was going to happen but he always swings first. "You just gonna have to whoop my ass around this m*****f***** then... and it went the way it went." 

With that said, Wack posted again to IG this morning to say that he's ready for another round.

Source: Instagram