A shirtless man terrorized the mid-city area of Los Angeles earlier this week, as cell phone footage captured him throwing rocks through car windows and buses that passed him by in the street. 

Police received a call Tuesday (May 21) about the shirtless man throwing rocks at vehicles near the intersection of Venice Boulevard and South Fairfax Avenue, who was later identified as 32-year-old Emmanuel Moncada.

It's been reported that witnesses were forced to drive over the center divider to get out of Moncada's way, as one resident said "He was waving me in like I was the next victim to get hit with a rock, and so I was thinking, ‘Should I run him over, or should I just brace for the rock impact?’"

At one point, Moncada attempts to steal a bus after the driver told everyone to flee, where he was then confronted by witnesses who subdued him in the street. The man was punched and kicked prior to eventually being restrained, ultimately leading to his arrest on suspicion of attempted carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon.

One person and 16 vehicles were apparently struck by rocks during the incident, as Moncado is now being held on $100K bail.

Source: KTLA