Funk legend George Clinton has been hit with a lawsuit from the widow of former bandmate George "Bernie" Worrell Jr. According to the lawsuit, Worrell Jr. helped write many of the hits credited to Clinton throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Worrell's widow claims: “Clinton has a history of fraud, deceit, and delinquency when it comes to the performance of contracts that he has entered into on behalf of himself or his companies.” 

The document stated further that: “Apparently, Clinton did this despite many band members not wanting drugs and needing money to provide for their families. Drug use was encouraged and pushed by Clinton. Another band member Grady Thomas recounts how, “[Clinton] had a long fingernail. And he would go around and…, ‘hey man, here. Have some.’” 

Bernie's widow is arguing that Clinton kept his bandmates hopped up on drugs and would essentially control through them their respective addictions. She says, “Clinton’s drug culture caused many of the band members to become addicts who had to seek treatment for their addiction later in life.”

Worrell Jr.'s estate is suing Clinton and Thang Inc. for an unspecified amount in damages.