Fugees founder Pras Michel was hit with a four-count indictment on Friday (May 10), which claims that he worked with Malaysian businessman Jho Low to funnel money from foreign accounts for contributions in the U.S. It is illegal for foreign entities to use money to influence U.S. elections, and Michel was officially charged with conspiracy, false statement and 2 counts of false entry in record.

Obama isn't named specifically in the indictment as the person who Pras donated to, but it states that it was during the 2012 election and it named specific dates of when Pras posed for photos with the person. Many sources have tied the given information to Obama. Documents obtained by TMZ claim that Low would transfer the money from his account to Pras, who would distribute the money to his friends to make smaller donations. The feds believe that this was done to disguise where the money originated. 

More details to come. 

Source: TMZ