Although performances by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Cardi B were some of the many welcomed surprises at Coachella 2019, one unwanted guest was apparently an outbreak of herpes that has since been linked to the festival grounds.

According to sources at the online diagnosis and treatment website HerpAlert, there's been a huge spike in individuals looking to get treated for the STD in the communities surrounding the famous music festival.

Since Day 1 of Coachella, there was a massive surge of California residents seeking prescriptions through the website, with 1,105 cases having been reported in Indio and Coachella Valley, in addition to Palm Desert, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County where most of the concertgoers reside.

HerpAlert, which has been in business for two years and provides doctors who issue prescriptions after people submit photos, has said that while they typically handle 12 cases a day, they serviced almost 250 patients during the first two days of Coachella alone. 

In comparison, the largest previous spike had been Oscars weekend in 2018, when they received approximately 60 cases per day. 

Source: TMZ