24-year-old Manuel Franco of West Allis, Wisconsin came forward to claim a $768 million Powerball jackpot on Tuesday (April 23). 

During a press conference, Franco said that he bought $10 worth of tickets, and as he was glancing at them he saw that he matched two numbers and the Powerball. After further investigation, Franco said that he realized he matched all of the numbers, stating, "I was going insane.  looked back at the three other numbers, they all matched. My heart started racing, my blood started pumping, I felt warm. I started screaming."

Franco added that he's planning to make charitable contributions and he revealed his plans for when people start asking him for money. He explained, "I'm ready and I know how to say no. I'm just going to take off somewhere and, honestly, just take my time with it, think it over, talk to my family and make sure I spent it in the right way."