Alabama Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Graves was put on leave after writing that he was "seriously offended" by the LGBTQ movement following the death of 15-year-old Nigel Shelby, who died by suicide. The teen was being bullied for his sexuality, according to his mother, Camika Shelby, who told NBC News, "He would tell me that kids would say things to him that would hurt his feelings. I didn't think it was as deep as things I'm hearing now." 

A local news station posted about Shelby's death, and Graves responded by posting: 






That’s my kind of LGBTQ movement

I’m seriously offended there is such a thing such as the movement. Society cannot and should not accept this behavior." 

Madison County Sheriff's spokesperson Lt. Donny Shaw responded to Graves being put on leave in a statement, which read, "The sheriff's office holds all its employees to high standards and the public can be assured that a thorough and complete audit will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken." 

Source: NBC News