In this flashback clip from 2016, Kevin Federline spoke to VladTV about his previous marriage to Britney Spears, during a time that was essentially the beginning of today's Reality TV era led by TMZ paparazzi and the Kardashians. Although he was reluctant to speak about his experience with Spears at first, before long Federline opened up to reveal how his life dramatically changed after marrying the pop star, which ultimately led to the birth of their two sons and a very public divorce. 

Elsewhere in the segment, the former backup dancer spoke about how Spears supported him with his own music, where at the time of the interview Federline was making approximately $10K every time he DJ'd an event. That wasn't his only source of income, however, as after Spears filed for divorce Federline was given sole custody of the children which granted him $20K per month in child support.