Veteran hip-hop journalist and rapper Dee Barnes made an appearance on Wendy Williams' show on Friday (April 19), where she detailed an alleged assault at the hands of Dr. Dre in 1991. 

During the conversation, Barnes recounted Dr. Dre picking her up by her hair and lifting her off of the ground, which was followed by Dre allegedly beating her. Barnes then explained that she ran into the women's restroom, adding that she was followed by Dr. Dre, who she claims continued to attack her. When Williams asked Barnes if she was sexually assaulted that day, Barnes said that she wasn't ready to tell her whole story yet. 

Barnes also spoke about the book she's working on, Music, Myth and Misogyny: Memoirs Of A Female MC, which Wendy offered to publish, and she also offered Barnes a movie deal. Wendy also donated $15,000 to Dee, who recently started a GoFundMe campaign as she was facing homelessness after falling on hard times. The GoFundMe raised $30,000 with celebrities like Chuck D, actress Ellen Barkin, comedian Sinbad, actor Jon Cryer and Ferrari Sheppard contributing.