Kodak Black took to Instagram Live to react to a snippet of a song that T.I. previewed on Friday (April 12), where he seemingly addressed his recent back and forth with Kodak. In the song, T.I. raps, "I’m conditioned to see the vision, you/ I don’t care if you eight or under twenty-two/ All that back and forth, what you trying to get into?/ I said what I said and I meant it to." 

Kodak started out saying in the video, "You n***as scared-er than a b*tch," and T.I.'s name was brought up by someone not in the video. Kodak then added, "What are you making songs for? Trying to get in the game, n****a, take your ass out of the game...You should've made one of your f*ggot ass little sons write a rap." 

Later in the video, Kodak speaks about people calling into various radio stations to get his music canceled, adding, "You really mad because you can’t rap better than me and then talking about. Am in my own lane because this is where Y’all come at for the swag, this is where Y’all come to me for man stop playing. Talking about bro would’ve stand up for me."