Although he was recently one of his most staunch supporters, Aaron Carter was just approached by TMZ where he appeared to do a complete 180 on his previous defense of Michael Jackson. 

During the interview, Carter conceded that he was "aggressive" when he said he wanted to punch Wade Robson in the face last month, while revealing for the first time that he may have had similar experiences with the singer as well. 

"In regards to that situation, I actually have my own experience that happened with Michael so I'm going to be talking about that," Carter said to the surprised reporter, who then explicitly asked him if he was referencing abuse.

"You're just gonna have to find out," Carter replied while plugging an autobiography that he's currently writing, adding that "he'll always have [MJ's] back, however, he will tell his truth." From there, he stated that his family has known about what he's about to reveal for years but have never talked about, though the Jackson family was apparently left in the dark. 

In closing, he left a message to the Jackson estate, by saying: "Stay strong I love you guys, and even if I say something you don't like, it's still my truth and you're going to have to accept it."

Source: TMZ