Kevin Hart was a recent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience where he opened up about the Oscars scandal and how he feels about the state of the culture. Hart explained that we currently live in a culture that is hell-bent on tarnishing the name and legacy of a particular entertainer rather than just opting to not support them. 

"It's easier to just say, 'I'm not a fan,'" Hart explained. "'That comedy isn't for me. You know what, I don't like the taste of this particular comedian, so I'm not going to support or watch that comedian. I'm going to find another comedian that's more to my liking.'"

Hart found himself at the center of controversy after his comments regarding the LGBTQ were called back into question just ahead of him hosting the Oscars. He eventually stepped down as host, telling Rogan: “They kept trying to look for this hard definition of ‘why.’ And it’s like, I don’t have it. I don’t have the reason why. I thought it would be funny and it wasn’t. That’s the downfall. That’s it."