By now it should go without saying that Nipsey Hussle was one of the most beloved hip-hop artists across the globe, as even though he was defined by Los Angeles culture he was truly respected from coast-to-coast. That fact is evident in a recently released text exchange between Nipsey and Styles P, where within their conversation you can see that the Slauson Boy always carried himself like a Gangster and a Gentleman.

"I had to post this convo between @nipseyhussle the great and myself to show his class and authenticity," Styles wrote alongside the post, "and to show homies you can’t be scared to tell real ones you love them and what they stand for while they are here."

The text exchange itself shows that both artists held each other in high regard, as they made a point to show respect any time they touched down on the opposite coast. "Any time U on the West me and my team got u," Nipsey wrote to Styles, before adding that he needed to get to his "Juices For Life" stores that are located in Yonkers and the Bronx.

"You're such a classy gangster I love you brother," The Ghost wrote at a later point in time, leading Nipsey to reply with: "Love u too king πŸ™πŸΎπŸme and my girl are real fans homie." From there, Styles told Nipsey that he was "a golden one" and to send the queen his love, adding that he also admired his relationship with Lauren London by saying "black love is dope."

Styles also let it be known that he had other conversations with Nipsey that he was going to refrain from posting, noting that he was going to keep them to himself to "cherish the young king.🏁 #loveislove."

Source: Instagram