Yesterday (April 2), Meek Mill was at Philly's Capitol Hill where he spoke about his criminal justice reform organization, REFORM Alliance, which includes plans for new legislation that would reform Pennsylvania's probation and parole system. 

Hours later, TMZ caught up with Rep. Dwight Evans who praised Meek Mill for his efforts, even going as far as to say that he deserves his own Rocky statue in the city. 

"I'm happy that Meek Mill along with Van Jones are raising the consciousness to get the message to people,"  said the congressman, before pointing out that Meek is from the same congressional district that he represents in Southwest Philly. He went on to say that he sees the effect that Meek has on people that have given up on the political system, suggesting that he gives those individuals a sense of hope.

From there, the reporter asked Evans if Meek should get a statue like Rocky Balboa for his influence, to which the congressman emphatically replied: "Why not? He deserves it."

Source: TMZ