Only a day after he responded to backlash for buying Bhad Bhabie a diamond chain, Lil Yachty took to social media to describe himself as a gentleman to all women, even revealing that he'll never sleep with someone on the first date.

"I feel sorry for women who have intentions on f****** me the first night they meet me because I don’t do that I wasn’t raised that way," Yachty tweeted, before adding the hashtag #gettoknowtherealme.

A few minutes prior, he also stated that he prefers to connect through conversation in his relationships, writing: "Smh put your titties away please I just wanna hear about your day."

Days later, DJ Akademiks reposted his tweets to say "Yachty is a man of respect, you thotties won’t use him for y’all 1 night stands," which led the Atlanta rapper to thank him for spreading his message, adding that he hopes "more men of my background will come to the light."

Yachty then concluded his thoughts by writing: "we will respect women together all 2019."

Source: Instagram