T.I. is continuing his Gucci boycott after the fashion house released a balaclava turtleneck that looked like blackface earlier this year. 

The Atlanta rapper was seen confronting a man wearing all Gucci, telling him, "Look at me, I’m fly as a muthafucka and I ain’t got that s*** on. I look better than you as a matter of fact." When the man told T.I. that he was wearing a lot of Gucci before, he responding by telling him, "Yeah, they showed me their disrespect and guess what, I can’t do it no more." 

This comes after T.I. initially tweeted, "We ALL GOTTA Stop buying, wearing, and supporting this piece of s*** company And ALL PIECE OF S*** COMPANIES UNTIL THEY LEARN TO RESPECT OUR DOLLARS & VALUE OUR BUSINESS!!!! Our culture RUNS THIS S***!!!"