There's been great mystery surrounding Wendy Williams over the last year, as after a months-long hiatus from her own talk show, she returned to the Wendy Williams Show without much to say about her absence. In addition to a previous disclosure about her diagnosis with Graves disease there were also rumors of infidelity on behalf of her husband, yet today she revealed that she's also been getting treatment from a long battle with drug addiction. 

Williams opened up her show today to share her secret with the world, fighting back tears as she explained that she's been "living in a sober house for some time now." 

From there, she spoke about her use of cocaine in her past, while emphasizing that she never went to place to get the treatment that she desperately needed. "It's been very interesting," Williams said while describing her journey, adding that not even her own parents knew about her current plans for treatment. 

"Nobody knew, because I look so glamorous out here," Williams said about her public persona, "but after my appointments I am driven to my 24-hour sober coach back to a home in the tri-state, with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family."

She then spoke about the rigid rules in the home, including doors locked and lights out by 10 PM, leaving her to stare at the ceiling and reflect on her circumstances. As expected, she then received an applause from the studio audience for finally telling her truth, while pointing out that she doesn't care whether "you call her crazy or the bravest woman in the world."

Source: TMZ