Update 03/19/2019 2:37am:

Walt Clyde Frazier caused a bit of uproar after questioning the leadership ability of LeBron James following the Lakers' most recent loss to the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The comments were the topic of discussion across sports talk shows and even got a reaction from Ice Cube. However, Frazier has clarified his comments about LeBron and suggested that they weren't meant to convey a critique but rather spoke to his surprise at James' disengaged demeanor on the sideline. 

“You’re above that, you’re better than that. You can’t be like the proletariat, you’re The King,” Frazier said while calling the Knicks-Raptors game on Monday night.  “That’s the title he wanted. People say he’s like our Muhammad Ali. He speaks for black people. He has a school where he’s teaching kids to do the right thing.”

Original 03/18/2019 2:30pm:

Over the weekend, the NBA's worst team in the New York Knicks completed their season sweep of the underachieving Los Angeles Lakers, where during the game an NBA legend took some shots at the universally regarded "King" of the sport, none other than LeBron James. 

At one point during the Knicks 124-123 victory, of which New York closed the game on a 13-1 run after trailing by double digits, former player and current announcer Walt Clyde Frazier criticized James for his inability to galvanize his teammates through times of adversity.

During the segment, the camera focused on James flashy sneakers to which the fashion icon conceded were "fit for a King," while noting that the NBA superstar was sitting at the end of the bench away from his coaches and teammates. 

"When you're the face of the NBA you should be more a part of your team folks, no matter what is going on in the public you have to be a part of the team." Frazier added that even if the locker room is strained that you still have to "exude that togetherness" when on the court, as he pointed out that "right now you can see he doesn't really care."

James has been criticized throughout the season for what's been perceived as a lack of leadership with his teammates, who have seemingly not recovered after James was reportedly willing to deal them all prior to the NBA trade deadline

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