Kevin Garnett got some good news out of court the other day. According to The Blast, a judge ruled in favor to allow Garnett to continue his lawsuit over $77 million that was stolen from him by his former accountant. The firm was attempting to get the case thrown out. They issued a statement where they explained, “With prospects of recovery against Banks appearing dim, Garnett has turned his sights on Welenken and Wertheim. Putting aside the lack of substantive merit to plaintiff’s claims, no personal jurisdiction exists over Welenken CPAs and Wertheim in Minnesota.” But the judge stated that Garnett has already provided enough evidence to push the case forward. 

Garnett is alleging that his former accountant stood by and did nothing as millions were being funneled out of his account. The accountant, Charles Banks IV, has already been sentenced to four years in prison for defrauding another NBA legend... Tim Duncan.