Previously, J. Prince took to Instagram to tag people from the Bronx who he refers to as “real street n*****” to help resolve the issue of YBN Almighty Jay being robbed. Since then, Hocus—one of the people tagged has responded.

Via Instagram, Hocus said “First I wanna start by saying I respect everything you did for the culture and I respect you as a god father of hiphop and of the streets @jprincerespect ... Your name has always been A1 in these streets... and I tilt my hat to you for that, but Since you said to ignore this is a recipe for disaster and I was tagged in your post I have to tell you that I'm SEX MONEY MURDER my n***a and we don't give it up like this.

He continued on, saying “Had you hit me up personally through DM or by other means privately I would have made some calls to see what I could do because I respect u as a real OG but you went to social media and even said the person name who allegedly robbed him🤷‍♂️... I don't want my name publicly attached to a public robbery..” Read his full response above.