As more information unfolds in regards to YNW Melly's incarceration for the alleged murder of two of his associates, older footage has since resurfaced that appears to show Melly's mother confirm that there was real tension involved with one of the shooting victims, YNW Sakchaser.

In the footage, a woman identified as YNW Melly's mother references Sakchaser as somebody "sending threatening text messages" while pretending to "be about that life," before asking "who the f*** you ever robbed? who the f*** you ever shot at? what the f*** you ever did?"

From there, she continues to address Sakchaser directly by saying "n****, you couldn't even take a f****** weed charge, if you don't sit your p**** ass down, and don't ever come for me because my credentials is real."

Moments later, she adds: "Oh you threatened me with a little gun? Well I got big guns," before theorizing that her son Melly will be great because his talent came from his mother.

With that said, the date and circumstances around this particular video are unknown, while Melly remains in jail after pleading not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.

Source: Instagram