Following a two-part documentary on Michael Jackson's alleged abuse of children throughout his career, Oprah Winfrey invited his accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, to explain their story in more detail in front of an audience of supporters and survivors of sexual abuse.

At one point during the interview, Oprah asked the men if they could explain to their doubters why they continued to stay around him after he allegedly abused them, where even Robson in particular once sought out employment within Jackson's organization.  

To explain his mindset at the time, Robson said: "I had no understanding of it being abuse. I loved Michael. And all the times that I testified, and the many, many times that I gushed over him publicly in interviews… that was from a real place."

Robson went on to say that Jackson brought the influence of god into their relationship, by adding that "from night one of the abuse, of the sexual stuff that Michael did to me, he told me it was love. He told me that he loved me and that God brought us together. I was a little boy… Michael was a god to me. And now, [the man] who is god to me is telling me, 'I love you. God brought us together. And this is how we show our love.'" He concluded by saying "Anything that Michael did was right to me, for so many years."

With all that said, it should be noted that in two separate instances he testified in Jackson's defense regarding allegations of sexual abuse against other minors.

The TV special, named After Neverland, aired simultaneously on HBO as well as Oprah's OWN network, directly after the highly controversial Leaving Neverland film that's left a world divided on the legacy and truth about Michael Jackson. 

Source: NewYorkTimes