Back in 2015, two men were fatally shot inside a medical marijuana shop in Compton, one that was apparently named after Chicago rapper, Chief Keef. The men, Marqese Tann, 36, and Terrence Brown, 53, were found dead inside the Chief Keef Glo Shop in an unsolved double murder, yet it was quickly reported that Chief Keef had no formal ties to the dispensary despite the obvious use of his name.

As it's since been speculated that Sosa may have had some involvement with the shop, considering that he helped promote its opening the year before the shooting, one twist in the case involves one of the deceased, as Terrence Brown is the alleged driver of the car that was involved in the fatal shooting of Tupac Shakur.

Brown, aka "Terry," "T Brown," or "Bubble Up," has long been suspected of driving the white Cadillac that crept up beside the BMW driven by Suge Knight on the fateful night in Las Vegas, of which it's been alleged that Orlando Anderson fired seven shots from the Cadillac that took the life of one of the most iconic artists in history. 

While there were said to be other occupants in the car as well, the death of Brown leaves Duane “Keffe D” Davis as the lone survivor of the passengers that were reportedly inside the Cadillac at the time of the shooting. Meanwhile, while the 2015 double murder has no relation to 2Pac's murder with respect to each individual case, due to Chief Keef's namesake being used at the scene of the crime, the incident is yet another chapter in a saga that's known as one of hip-hop's greatest mysteries. 

To hear former LAPD detective Greg Kading speak on Brown's alleged involvement with 2Pac's murder, followed by his own subsequent death inside the dispensary many years later, press play on his latest exclusive with VladTV. 

Source: LATimes