Last November, Troy Ave released the mixtape, More Money More Problems, with limited promotion and mainstream reaction, though now the latest visuals for one of its singles looks certain to get people talking again.

Troy Ave has maintained a widely-publicized beef with Taxstone over the years, which led to the infamous Irving Plaza shooting that took the life of one of Troy Ave's associates, Ronald 'Banga' McPhatter, back in 2016. Taxstone had since reportedly pled guilty to federal gun charges before getting indicted for second-degree murder for his involvement in the shooting, while Troy Ave seeks to keep the circumstances around the shooting fresh in everybody's memory. 

For the music video to his latest single "Streets is a Myth," Troy Ave takes an animated approach to describe the lack of loyalty in the streets, as a follow up to another music video he released in January of last year titled "2 Legit 2 Quit," which uses the same animation. In that video, Troy Ave depicted himself giving a middle finger to the stand, alluding to him testifying against Taxstone while rhyming "I'm only loyal to my fam (this is true)/middle finger from the stand (it's either me or it's you).

In his latest video, however, the Brooklyn rapper shows Taxstone on the stand wearing the same "UNSAFETHO" shirt from the previous video, who's given extra dialogue that reads: "Troy Ave is the Bad Guy, they shoot people, put him in jail let me out."

Later on, Troy Ave takes aim at Charlemagne for his allegiance to Taxstone, rhyming: "I paid six figures in lawyers after paying my dues/Charlamagne paid for the lawyer that the hater gon use/ that explains the bias views/edits in my interviews."

Elsewhere in the video, Troy Ave uses the falling out of Tekashi 6ix9ine and his manager, Shotti, as a way to illustrate the type of disloyalty and double-crossing that occurs in the streets, at one point even depicting Shotti having sex with Tekashi's baby mama, Sara Molina.