Mo'Nique sat down for a discussion with Steve Harvey on Wednesday (February 13), where they addressed Mo'Nique's claims that she was blackballed in the industry. 

Mo'Nique started out by saying that she was disappointed in Steve, stating, "This is my brother, and when I heard you go on the air and you said, 'My sister done burned too many bridges. There's nothing I can do for her now,' Steve, do you know how hurt I was?" 

Steve defended himself, telling Mo'Nique that he supported her claims but felt that her complaints about Netflix only offering her $500,000 for a stand-up special was "rich people problems." He also told Mo'Nique, "When you tell the truth, you have to deal with the repercussions of the truth."

Harvey added, "We black out here. We can't come out here and do it any way we want to. Your husband can't be the Sidney [Hicks] that he really is out here [...] This is the money game. This ain't a black man's game, this ain't a white man's game. This is the money game!"