The beef between Zoey Dollaz and Skinnyfromthe9 nearly came to a head after the two were at Los Angeles' Paramount Studios on Sunday (February 11) amid the Grammy Awards. Video surfaced online of Zoey and his crew attempting to confront Skinnyfronthe9, who seemed to run from the scene. 

Skinnyfronthe9 responded to the video on his Instagram stories, writing, "Noey Dollas fat ass don't want no problems. He tryna record s*** for clout cause his career a dub. I said wassup bruh he ain't want no problems Y'all fat ass n***as tried to jump me Cause n***as know my hands RIGHT." 

Zoey also added further explanation in an Instagram video, stating, "I just went to the studio to do something for Ronny J bro, and he showed up. I didn't even get a chance to talk to him–my brothers talked to him! That n***a ran so fast, he ran down the whole f***ing street missing! That's crazy! We wasn't even finna do nothing to homeboy! We was just gon' talk to him. I was just trying to figure out what's up with all that tough talk though, bro?"