For those that were left underwhelmed by this year's Super Bowl, Atlanta's own Quality Control Music threw an epic party the following night at the Gold Room that did not disappoint. The same record label that represents Migos, City Girls, Lil Yachty, and Lil Baby hosted the "Stripper Bowl" as the ultimate send-off for those who made the trip for the Super Bowl weekend, where it's now been alleged that tips from the event accumulated to over $3 million.

A woman that goes by Mommy Shark on IG with the handle @5starjazziii, has everybody talking after taking to her IG story to say that the $3 million was split 25 ways, while asking for some compassion after staying up all night counting all the money. If the math was correct, that would mean each stripper made $120K for the event.

Immediately after her post, however, other strippers reportedly claimed she was exaggerating for the gram, while adding that the over 100 strippers in attendance all left with approximately $2K. Meanwhile, @5starjazziii has since gone on IG to claim people misguidedly believe everything they read, thus wondering if she should run for President since the public is so quick to take her at her word.

Source: TMZ