19-year-old sneaker reseller Alex Boro has accused A Boogie's assistant and the rapper of scamming him out of over 50 pairs of sneakers.

Boro detailed the situation on Twitter, revealing that A Boogie's assistant named Sal first reached out to him to get some sneakers. He tweeted, "Sal Facetimed me with A Boogie expressing his interest doing business with me, promising shout outs and other benefits if I can hook him up with some shoes for a good price. He gave me a list of sneakers to get for him, A Boogie, and for A Boogie's mother." 

From there, Boro loaded his car with the sneakers A Boogie requested and drove to his New Jersey home where he met up with Sal and was told to go to the studio, where he assumed he would be paid. Sal said he didn't have the money on him and that he would wire the money to Boro the following day, and given his past with A Boogie and the rapper's friends, he didn't think anything would go wrong. However, months went by and Boro couldn't get in contact with Sal, who Boro said was flaunting the sneakers online with A Boogie. 

Boro revealed that A Boogie later contacted him and revealed that he didn't know the teen wasn't paid for the sneakers. Sal then allegedly blocked Boro's number and he was never paid the $10,000 he was owed for the sneakers or given them back. 

A Boogie addressed the situation on Instagram, writing, "Sneaky business went down behind my back with an assistant that was just fired because of the situation. Sorry to the sneaker kid [Boro], who is blaming it on me. I was going to help him, but he exposed information about me, which made me change my mind." 

He added, "I'll take care of the mistake$ he made, but I want him to clarify that I never did business with him at all. It was all bad sidework from a person I had working for me." 

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